Randomocity is a drama film, directed by Tyler Lee Allen and written by Ellis Wilder. Cast: Tyler Lee Allen as Ashley, Erica Bundy as Angela, Ross Clifton as Malcolm, Cliff Hite as Frank and Alisha Marks as Jennifer. Randomocity is set to be released in 2010. In the movie, Ashley Mill's life transforms after his chance encounter with the beautiful Angela, who lifts him out of his stagnating routine and introduces him to a love he never thought possible. Fate tests this newfound romance when a stranger brutally assaults and rapes Angela. Determined to not lose his first real chance at happiness, Ashley devotes himself to helping Angela overcome her trauma. Their relationship appears to flourish, but Angela fears that her rape has become their reason for remaining together. Ashley begins to fall into the dangerous trap of denial, and he insists that he and Angela can live together in happiness despite the overwhelming odds. His refusal to accept anything but the storybook life he had so briefly with her pushes both of them to the brink of love and sanity.

Randomocity Movie Trailer

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