EverQuest: Underfoot is a persistent online RPG video game developed and published by Sony Online Entertainment for the PC (Microsoft Windows). Scheduled commercial release date for EverQuest Underfoot is December 15, 2009. EverQuest: Underfoot is the sixteenth expansion to the genre-defining series. The game centers on the Heart of the World. This is the vast magma ball that floats in the center of a hollow sphere many miles across. Standing on any open interior portion of the sphere characters can look up to see the massive, blazing ball of living lava. The sphere is large enough that while individual areas have a "bowl" shape it is very minor. Lava flows into and out of the Heart of the World from volcanoes, lava tubes and crevasses all around the hollow sphere, like blood into and out of a heart.

EverQuest Underfoot Game Trailer

everquest underfoot, video, game, pcGame features:

Expansion Progression Window – You'll be able to easily see what you have accomplished through Underfoot and which objectives you should achieve in order to travel in your desired progression path.

Focus Target Window – This new target window will let you add specific targets to your list which will be helpful to monitor the health of Friends or Foe.

New Zones – 12 to 15 new zones.

All Inclusive - The expansion includes all features and content from the 15 previous expansion packs.

More Weapon Models - Underfoot will have twice as many weapon models as any of the previous 15 expansions.

For more information about the video game, please visit: http://everquest.station.sony.com/expansions/underfoot/index.vm

System Requirements For EverQuest Underfoot


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