I have been waiting for this video game since I heard they were doing a second one. I have been playing Call of Duty since COD 2 first debuted the Xbox 360. COD 4 was such an improvement and really made the franchise stand on its own as the best FPS of this generation. Although COD:WaW wasn't bad, it was missing a lot of the fun of COD 4. Now with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 the fun and excitement is back.

The story picks up after Modern Warfare. The ultranationalist Russian leader Zakhaev has been eliminated, but his former lieutenant, Vladimir Makarov, is now in control and brings an even bigger danger. Task Force 141 is an elite multinational unit that is made up of Navy Seals, Delta Force operatives, British SAS and CIA that end up getting involved to help bring Makarov down. It’s thrilling stuff, the storyline is slick, involving and very creative. The multiplayer is well worth the wait from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, a new system "kill streaks" comes to play with regards to the number of enemies eliminated in a succession. These are available beginning with three kills and include the ability to call for supply drops, predator missile strikes, helicopter gunships and many more.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, review, video, gameThe detail on the guns, the environment is amazing, of course with any MP game your experience weighs heavily on the type of internet connection you have and can alter how you feel about MP significantly because it's very noticeable when shooting your opponent multiple times when it seems like they can shoot you once and kill you.....but anyone that's played gears of war, battlefield bad company or Halo 3 can attest that's a very common problem.

Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Gameplay Video

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, review, video, gameThe changes to the formula aren't huge, by any means, but some of the tweaking they've done has made the game feel a bit "arcadey" to be honest. The kill streak payload customization has a lot to do with this. By default everybody starts with a 4 kill - welfare package which drops a random perk or item to be used in battle. This results in both teams being alerted to a care package being dropped and the mad dash by both teams to secure the package. While this keeps the game feeling incredibly dynamic and can help keep battles moving when you couple it with the other some of the other kill streak perks it starts to get kind of crazy. One of the other payloads you start with by default is a rocket that is launched from the air that outlines enemy players with little red boxes (like the AC-130) video that you attempt to guide into the enemy team. The perk system has undergone a change as well with the perks basically being "upgradeable" after having it equipped for x amount of kills.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, review, video, gameWhile not the biggest, certainly the most annoying, by my account is the inability to be in "private, party chat" with your friends while connected to a multiplayer game. I cannot, in anyway understand the logic that went into this. They say it's to keep it competitive and it's fair, BUT most TDM games are anything but competitive, and listening to 12 year olds talk during these game is enough to make me want to end my session. If their concern is fairness in competition then offer an option, maybe "tournament mode"? Neither me or my closest friends are constant talkers like some of the characters on XBL, and it can be quite difficult to get a word in. Like I said, this doesn’t break the game, but it most definitely is annoying, and I am quite sure I'm not the only huge MW fan that feels this way.

Overall, I believe this is an excellent game. If you're are new into the modern warfare series, I would suggest getting the first edition first and if you really enjoy that, getting this. If you are going to play online a lot, then get the second as I guess that is where the action will be from now on. I did enjoy the spec forces missions quite a bit. (This game has pointless killing of civilians, if you are a parent this is not a game you would want your children playing).

System Requirements For Modern Warfare 2

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  1. MHelphrey Says,

    Great review and I agree, I really dont like playing and talking with 12 years old who are just learning how to cuss. Its really annoying and they should do something about it.
    modern warfare 2

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