MegaMind is a video game developed by THQ for Xbox, PS3, PSP and DS, inspired by the upcoming movie MegaMind, set for release on November 02, 2010.

Just as Megamind has become our new Mega Hero, a sudden crime wave hits the city. The Doom Syndicate & their Doom Goons have emerged and are looking to take over! Only Megamind and his arsenal of gadgets can stop them!

MegaMind game video

MegaMind, game, xbox MegaMind - The Game features:

Be the Mega Hero – Play as Megamind.

2-Player Co-Op – Play as trusty Brainbot.

Battle Mega Villains – Take on the vilest villains, the Doom Syndicate, for the ultimate showdown.

Operate a Variety of Mega Gadgets – Outsmart enemies with the De-Gun, Tesla Gloves & more.

Build Ingenious Inventions – Track down & defeat your enemies with the Mega Essence Tracker & Bio Essence Neutralizer.

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