Halogen is a fast paced action video game for Apple iPhone. The game is developed and published by RocketHands.

Halogen is a game that challenges you and your pucks to battle against waves of crazed enemy droids aboard a drifting space dreadnaught. It features an intense 16-level single player campaign, multiplayer air hockey and an Infinite mode for the high-scoring masochists among you. Complete with OpenFeint leaderboards and unlockable achievements, there’s enough here to pack a punch to even the most stalwart player’s face and self-esteem.

Halogen, iphone, game, screen Game features:

Touch Controls: All you need is a finger, a finger to become an astral bridge between the mundane reality of your worldly existence, and the mass of glowing pixel love that is your paddle. Now smash those pucks!

Single Player Mode: With 16 levels of pixel pounding action, single player mode is no pushover. You will face a variety of enemies who all have different ideas of how to best dispatch you, and powerful Guardian Bosses armed with devastating attacks. Mercifully, completed levels are available for practice so that you can hone your skills to a needle point before you attempt the real deal.

Infinite Mode: The only limits here are your reflexes, and the known boundaries of human endurance. Face wave after relentless wave in the quest for the ultimate high score!

Multiplayer Mode: Two players compete head to head in a traditional Air Hockey style arena. Nothing more, nothing less.

OpenFeint Enabled: Halogen is OpenFeint Enabled, with both local device and global leaderboards, and achievements to unlock including "Octopucks!", "Smart Bomber", and "100k Club".

For more information, please visit: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/halogen/id377446552?mt=8#


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