Journey is an adventure video game for Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3), release date to be announced later. The game is developed by thatgamecompany (TGC) and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

The game presents a unique vision of an online adventure experience. Awakening in an unknown world, the player walks, glides, and flies through a vast and awe-inspiring landscape, while discovering the history of an ancient, mysterious civilization along the way. Journey's innovative approach to online play encourages players to explore this environment with strangers who cross their path from time to time. By traveling together, they can re-shape the experience -- creating authentic moments they will remember and discuss with others.

Journey, game, screen, image, ps3 Journey game features:

Intuitive Controls And Experience - Players with differing skill levels and/or moods can experience the game at their own pace.

Lush And Expansive Environments - Grand landscapes filled with dynamic sand and cloth. Fully simulated sand dunes ripple and slide as players move across them.

Fresh Online Adventure - Players explore a mysterious world, discovering its hidden history. People are free to travel alone, or adventure with strangers that they meet along the way.


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