Complete track list for Korn’s upcoming ninth studio album “Korn III - Remember Who You Are”. The new album is set for release on July 13, 2010 on Roadrunner Records. Which is being recorded as a four-piece band, using no Pro Tools or editing, unlike Korn's more recent albums. Vocalist Jonathan Davis says the album will be "simple" in that it won't be as multi-layered as Korn's recent albums, but "it's about the vibe".

Complete track listing:

1. "Uber-Time" 1:28

2. "Oildale (Leave Me Alone)" 4:43

3. "Pop a Pill" 3:59

4. "Fear Is a Place to Live" 3:09

Korn 3, Remember Who You Are, audio, cd, box, art, cover, music 5. "Move On" 3:48

6. "Lead the Parade" 4:25

7. "Let the Guilt Go" 3:57

8. "The Past" 5:05

9. "Never Around" 5:29

10. "Are You Ready to Live?" 3:59

11. "Holding All These Lies" 4:38

Special Edition Bonus tracks:

1. "Trapped Underneath the Stairs"

2. "People Pleaser"

3. "Blind" (Live)

4. "Oildale (Leave Me Alone)" (Live)

Korn 3 - Remember Who You Are - Preview

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  1. Unknown Says,

    I have listened to korn for about 11 years they are my favorite band i recently bought the box set. I hope they have plains on making more albums in the future. I want to thank the hole band you all are the best.

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