Landit Bandit is an action video game for Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3), set for release in July 2010. The game is developed and published by The Bearded Ladies Consulting.

In the game, you are Marley, a laid-back islander who's had a peaceful life turned upside down with the explosive arrival of Lander, an unscrupulous art dealer. Help Lander fly his way back to The Big City by navigating a wooden helicopter, constructed out of the complete collection of Da-vinci paintings, across six 3D worlds. Each game world is unique and comes with a new skillset to learn. Landit Bandit, game, ps3, sonyGamers can expect a retro-chic looking 3D experience smothered in humor. Whilst borrowing mechanics from classic titles of a bygone gaming era, Landit Bandit is a stratosphere above its competition with an intuitive "moonlander" control mechanism and gentle learning curve. Players will not only be challenged by the physics of the natural environment: gravity, wind, water and trees, but also by curious non-playing characters. But with risk comes reward. So expect upgrades to your helicopter based on masterful performance.

Landit Bandit game video


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