Karate Champ is a fighting video game for Apple iPhone, developed and published by Revolutionary Concepts. The game is all about skillfully executing perfectly timed karate moves against ever more challenging opponents in your quest to become the one true Karate Champ!

Karate Champ game features:

Dual Arcade Stick Controls (no D-Pad or buttons).

Vertical orientation (no thumbs covering the action :)

Virtual arcade cabinet surround and facia

1 Player vs CPU over 12 environments

2 PLAYERS via Bluetooth and WIFI !!

Karate Champ, iphone, image, coverAll the bonus rounds (including the rampaging bull)

All the classic 80's sounds

Various New User Settings

Super large Character Option

Customise the arcade unit facia

Old school scanlines on/off

video Karate Champ


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