The Big Bluff is a trivia video game developed and published by Himojo for the Web, release date to be announced later.

The game is playable within Facebook and on via Facebook Platform, the free-to-play online trivia game stands ready to pit your knowledge against others unlike any other trivia experience to date.

Similar to Texas Hold 'Em Poker, a dealer will display three cards in the community hand - the first displaying the question category, followed by two hints at the answer. Players will then have the option to match the pot to continue playing based on the cards shown. The fourth card displays another hint, while the fifth and final card displays the question that players must correctly answer. Fold at any point in the game if you're not confident in the final question and answer, or bluff your way to the end and force your competitor's hand. Call your opponent's bluff and win bonus currency if they don't know the answer.

The Big Bluff, xbox, screen, image The Big Bluff game features:

Facebook Platform - Play the game by logging into your Facebook account on either or on

Real-time Online Multiplayer - Step into a room for five and watch opponents and friends play you live from across the table.

Chat System - Real-time chat during the game, allowing players to put on their poker face and play their bluff.

Customization - Access the dressing room and customize your avatar from head to toe with publicly available and exclusive items.

Virtual Currency - Earn in-game currency by winning a hand, daily check-ins and by purchasing with real-world money.

Global Leaderboard - Win rounds, build up your purse, unlock high-roller rooms and gain stardom by making it onto a central leaderboard.


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