Bit.Trip Runner is a platformer video game for Nintendo Wii, developed by Gaijin Games and published by Aksys Games. The Bit.Trip games are captivating throwbacks to another time in videogaming as well as catapulting experiences of the future of gameplay. This fourth game in the franchise promises an equally unexpected gaming challenge with Captain Video starring in the first platformer entry in the franchise.

Bit.Trip Runner game features:

Rhythm-based Platforming: Jump, kick, slide, and shield yourself from the obstacles of a foreign planet. Timing is everything. Keep that beat flowing and Commander Video running!

Video Bit.Trip Runner

Bit.Trip Runner, nintendo, wii, game, image, screen Boss Battles Against Robotic Terrors: Can Commander Video outwit evil aliens and an angry miner?!

50+ Challenges: Special bonus stages that resemble retro console classics!

Classic NES-style Controls: Less than a minute to learn, and you and the Commander are off! Traditional side-scroller controls are the only way to go. The Wii Remote keeps it real with the +Control Pad and the 1 and 2 Buttons.

A Pounding Chiptune-Inspired Soundtrack: Features special-chiptune-guest-star Anamanaguchi so you know you'll be moving and grooving through stages and boss fights!


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