Cubed Rally Racer is a racing video game published by Independent for Apple iPhone, now available for $1.99 from the App Store.

Cubed Rally Racer is an 3d isometric rally car racing game where each level is randomly generated. Race around the track collecting gas/boost cans trying to get the best time. Think Dirt meets RC Pro-Am meets Canabalt and you have Cubed Rally Racer.

Cubed Rally Racer gameplay video

Cubed Rally Racer, game, image, iphone Cubed Rally Racer game features:

Over 40 different types of sections!
Thousands of possible track combinations!

Challenge friends to beat your time on any level using OpenFeint's challenge system.

8bit style 3d graphics.

Configurable controls.

Track elements such as: Curves, Jumps, Whoops, Walls, Ships, Gophers and Cows!

Randomly generated levels!

Facebook and Twitter integration!

Unlock up to 99 sections!

OpenFeint Leaderboard and Achievements!

Ghost car shows the best time!


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