Secret Files: Tunguska is an adventure video game for Nintendo Wii, set to be released on June 30, 2010. The game is developed by Fusionsphere Systems and published by Deep Silver.

The game is based on the mysterious Tunguska phenomenon that occurred in July 1908 in which the Siberian region of Tunguska was engulfed in an inferno of flames that turned everything into debris and ashes. This phenomenon remains unexplained to this day. With its unique mysterious setting, spectacular graphics, and innovative puzzles, Secrets Files: Tunguska sets the stage for intrigue, drama, and a deep conspiracy to uncover.

Secret Files: Tunguska game features:

2D/3D symbiosis – the best of both worlds (2D backgrounds for optimum clarity and richness of detail, 3D characters for smooth animations and atmospheric light and shade effects)

Secret Files: Tunguska, box, art, image, cover110 highly detailed and atmospheric pre-rendered backgrounds

25 movie quality motion captured 3D characters

Realtime light and shade effects of the 3D characters

Atmospheric weather effects (e.g., snow and rain)

Backgrounds that can be scrolled over several screens

Facial animation to show emotions and speech

Cinematic-quality videos for intro and cutscenes in wide screen perspective

Realtime light and shade effects

Powerful 3D animations system

Well thought out story and riddle designs (up to 25 hours of gaming fun)

Lively locations thanks to numerous background animations

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