Alcatraz is a first-person shooter video game published by City Interactive for PC system, release date to be announced later.

In the game, a large group of heavily armed terrorists takes over the Alcatraz Island, quickly turning the prison into a fortress. Their goals are yet unknown. Being commanded by a former U.S. general, they are immediately considered a national security threat. Before the full scale military attack, one man is selected to infiltrate the island and destroy the key points of enemy defenses. A young U.S.M.C captain – brave enough to move in, skilled enough to succeed. Still, not everything is proceeding as planned...

Alcatraz, game, pc, cover, box, art, image Alcatraz game features

Accurate physics of environment and rich interaction possibilities

Set of powerful weapons including pistols, semi automatic and automatic rifles

Alcatraz island accurately reconstructed based on real photos and plans

Alcatraz game trailer

System Requirements for Alcatraz

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