The Ghost Writer

The Ghost Writer, movie, posterThe Ghost tells the story of a Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan), a former British Prime Minister who’s in the process of writing his memoirs. When the death of a colleague disrupts his life, a ghostwriter (Ewan McGregor) is called in to assist him in completing the book. But when the ghostwriter digs a little deeper into his subject’s life, he finds disturbing secrets that have far-reaching consequences. Read more information about the movie, please visit: Movie: The Ghost Writer (2010)

Shutter Island

Shutter Island, movie, posterShutter Island” is the story of two U.S. marshals, Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo), who are summoned to a remote and barren island off the coast of Massachusetts to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a murderess from the island’s fortress—like hospital for the criminally insane. For more information about the movie, please visit: Movie: Shutter Island (2010)

The Good Guy

The Good Guy, movie, posterAmbitious young Manhattanite and urban conservationist Beth (Alexis Bledel) wants it all: a good job, good friends, and a good guy to share the city with. Of course that last one is often the trickiest of all. In the new romantic dramedy THE GOOD GUY, Beth falls hard for Tommy (Scott Porter), a sexy, young Wall Street hot-shot. Read more information about the movie: Movie: The Good Guy (2010)

Happy Tears

Happy Tears, movie, poster, releaseJayne (Parker Posey) and Laura (Demi Moore) are about to take on the first man they just might not be able to handle: their seventy something-year-old father Joe (Rip Torn). Dutiful daughters returning to the house they grew up in, Jayne and Laura are forced to take a closer look at their own not-so-perfect lives while dodging childhood memories. Read more information about the movie, please visit: Movie: Happy Tears (2010)

Blood Into Wine

Blood Into Wine, movie, posterIn Blood Into Wine, Maynard James Keenan is known as the front man for Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer. In the mid-1990’s, on a whim, the reclusive rock star left Los Angeles and moved to an Arizona ghost town (population 300). A wine enthusiast, Keenan began to envision a world class wine region on the Verde Valley’s craggy slopes and with wine mentor Eric Glomski (former David Bruce winemaker and current owner of the award-winning Page Springs Cellars) read more information about this documentary film: Blood Into Wine (2010) Movie Trailer


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