Missile Command is an action video game developed by OMGPOP and published by Atari for the Web. In the game, defend cities around the world from an airborne alien attack. Play is available in a Classic mode, which has only minor retouched game play. Ultimate mode has new graphics, locations, and other caveats.

Missile Command game video:

Missile Command game features:

Online Co-op Gameplay - play instantly with up to seven-players in real-time.

Unlimited Levels - play with increasing challenge as you progress.

Missile Command, screen, cover, video, game, web, pcUnique Difficulty Scaling - difficulty scales based on number of players and level progression into the game.

Power-ups - all new power upgrades help players increase blast radius, missile speed, reload rates, missile supply and more.

Enemies – take on massive waves of enemy missiles, aircrafts and bosses with varying speeds, health, behavior and characteristics.

Award Systems - Medals awarded to top players in each round and a leader board support system to track players and friends with most medals.


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