Age of Zombies is an action video game developed and published by Halfbrick Studios for the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) game console, also available on Xbox 360. In the game, after many years searching through time to discover his true calling, the legendary hero Barry Steakfries has decided it is time to kill zombies – and ninjas, and cavemen, and mummies, and super hybrid cyborg alien dudes. The evil Professor Brains has been sending the undead minions throughout history, and it is up to Steakfries to shoot, kill and wisecrack his way through five worlds in Age of Zombies.

Lock and load with pistols, shotguns, flamethrowers, grenades and many more weapons to decimate hordes of undead. At the end of each world, a massive boss will put Steakfries to the test, even though he'd probably prefer to be playing backgammon or something equally intellectual. Zombie T-Rex, the classic arch-nemesis of Steakfries, will be making an appearance after his short-lived sitcom "Dinos In Da House" was abruptly canceled.

Age of Zombies gameplay video

Age of Zombies, psp, game, screen, coverFinally, Survival mode will put the elite players to the test as endless enemies will advance on Steakfries, where to one goal is to survive and rack up a huge kill count. Efficient blasting will trigger combo scores and chain explosions, which is obviously a must-have skill for the elite zombie slayer.


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