SpaceBall: Revolution is a puzzle video game developed and published by Virtual Toys for the Nintendo DSiWare. SpaceBall: Revolution was released for Nintendo DSiWare on February 15, 2010. The game will put your intelligence and skill to the test as you solve puzzles in a futuristic environment. Copy the figures that appear on the top screen, using energy balls that make the boxes correctly change color. It won't be an easy task. Different obstacles will be thrown into your path, challenging you to polish your aim and think rapidly. Fifteen different levels are waiting for you in Spaceball: Revolution. Are you up to the challenge?

SpaceBall: Revolution game video

SpaceBall, Revolution,Nintendo DSi, gameHow to purchase the game:

Spaceball: Revolution is only available if you have Internet access on you Nintendo DSi, you will not find it in the stores. You can easily download the game on your console, acquiring it on Nintendo DSi Shop. To purchase Spaceball: RevolutionTM you have to access the Nintendo DSi Shop and once there, select the Nintendo DSiWare. Once inside the Nintendo DSiWare section look for "Spaceball: Revolution" in the list of available games and follow the onscreen instructions to download and install it on your console. Once done, you can play the game on your console every time you want.

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