Turn the Beat Around is a musical drama film directed by Bradley Walsh and written by Jessica Sharzer and starring Brooklyn Sudano as Malika, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, David Giuntoli as Michael Krasny, Shauna MacDonald as Cynthia, Jennifer Miller as Steph, Romina D'Ugo as Zoe, Adam T. Brooks as Chris, Shawn Byfield as Asa, Yasmine Aamin as Selma Navarro (as Simin Aamin), Ofilio Portillo as Fabrizio, Dewshane Williams as Ramon and Kevin McGarry as Jona. Turn the Beat Around is set to be released on February 26, 2010. In the movie, an ambitious young dancer convinces a wealthy financer to open a disco-themed LA nightclub, only to find her dreams of success threatened by her jealous boyfriend and her scheming nemesis. Zoe's got the moves to make it big, and Michael is the man who can make it all happen for her. But Zoe's boyfriend... Chris is a dancer too, and he's convinced that her relationship with Michael is getting too personal. When scheming dancer Malika sets her sights on Chris, everything starts to fall apart.

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