Alice in Wonderland is a fantasy film directed by Walt Disney Pictures and visionary Director Time Burton, it is based on Lewis Carroll's famous story of Alice and her adventures in wonderland (1865) and ‘Through The Looking –Glass’ (1871). For more information and video clips, please visit:Movie: Alice in Wonderland 2010

Alice in Wonderland, 2010, New Movie Poster

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  1. Anonymous Says,

    I've been waiting for Alice in Wonderland 2010 for a while, Tim Burton was so great, and also I always love Johnny Depp as Mad Hatter, he was perfect.

    Alice in Wonderland is the kind of film an unimaginative fanboy dreams up on an IMDb message board. Every element arrives in a package so neat and uncontroversial that it lacks all of the texture and bite that the writings of Lewis Carroll may have had. All the creatures and landscapes are perfectly-rendered CGI concoctions that contain absolutely no weight or humanity whatsoever.

    This is really great movies that I feel safe to watch together with whole family

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