Pony Friends 2 is a virtual pet video game developed by Tantalus and published by Eidos Interactive for the Nintendo DS game console, also available on PC. Pony Friends 2 is set to be released on February 23, 2010. The game welcomes players back to the stables with all new features that let them become best friends with their perfect pony. As part of a comprehensive pet simulation experience, pony lovers can customize their ponies and explore tricks, trails, quests, racing and much more. Additionally, Pony Friends 2 offers a unique multiplayer experience that allows players to race against a friend and compete in pony trick championships.

For all players who have always wanted their own pony, Pony Friends 2 provides the joys of pet ownership and an endless and engrossing gameplay experience. Each pony has its own personality, and with a total of 12 breeds to choose from, players can get to know their ponies in-depth. Players can compete in races and trick competitions alone or with friends. The DS version even lets players talk to their ponies -- with the ponies responding to player voices.

Pony Friends 2 game video:

Pony Friends, Nintendo, DS, game, cover, screenPony Friends 2 game features:

Race, compete and trade with your friends: Enter race and trick competitions to win trophies!

Explore 25 diverse trails, befriend wild ponies and photograph wildlife to discover secrets: Take the reins and ride your pony on a range of trails and through open areas, alone or with a friend. Photograph a variety of wild animals and earn the friendship of wild ponies.

Earn new accessories and create a special look for your pony: Choose and personalize your ponies and trade with friends!

Discover the Pony Friends world and get to know your ponies at your own pace: There's always something new to explore. Groom and take care of your pony to keep it happy. Talk to your pony on DS and watch how it responds to your voice!

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  1. fugatilla Says,

    me podeis decir como y donde se encuentra el gato negro de pony friends 2? porfavos thanks

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