Scribblenauts is a puzzle action video game developed by 5th Cell and published by Warner Bros. for Nintendo DS. Set to be released on September 15 2009.

The basis is simple: The player uses the touch screen to help their character, anything you write, you can use. The game is all about experimentation, imagination and endless replay value. Think of anything, write it down, and watch it come alive! Write Anything, Solve Everything. The hero Maxwell has the power to utilize items in levels called Starites which allow him to later spawn material in the real world for his needs. Ladders, tools, weapons ... goldfish, even. If you can dream it, Maxwell can conjure it, and hopefully both of you can use it to solve your puzzles.

Scribblenauts Everything video trailer:

scribblenauts, nintendo, ds, video, game, cover, imageGame features:

Objects you write down in the game are only limited by your imagination.

All-ages Pick-up-and-play fun for everyone.

Easy to pick up and play on Nintendo DS. If you can tap, you can play.

Use less objects to increase your score, or experiment with different objects for endless replay value. Write anything; solve everything.

Play the entire game in a sandbox style right on the title screen.

Share levels you create with the Level Editor via Nintendo DS Wi-Fi Connection.

5TH Cell, the creator of the Drawn to Life franchise and Lock's Quest, has experience creating high-quality, innovative DS games.


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