Afterschool is a drama movie written and directed by Antonio Campos, stars: Ezra Miller, Jeremy Allen White, Michael Stuhlbarg, Addison Timlin, Rosemarie Dewitt, Gary Wilmes, Christopher Mccann. Set to be released on October 2, 2009 by IFC Films. Set in an exclusive Northeastern prep school, the film follows Robert (Ezra Miller), a confused youngster who spends most of his time watching videos on the Internet. Some of these are harmless, but some are much more troubling, including pornography and actual fights that have been captured on various consumer-grade video cameras. Robert himself doesn't appear to have violent desires, yet when he gets his hands on a video camera for a class project and starts becoming closer to fellow classmate Amy (Addison Timlin), he experiences feelings he has previously only encountered on a computer screen. During the filming of a class project, Robert unwittingly captures the overdose of two of the school's most popular girls-twins, no less-sending him into an introverted, despondent tailspin.

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Campos's film owes an obvious debt to the work of German provocateur Michael Haneke, and not only in its controversial subject matter. More directly, it's in Campos's ability to create a palpable sense of tension with the camera. Credit must be given here to cinematographer Jody Lee Lipes (WILD COMBINATION: A PORTRAIT OF ARTHUR RUSSELL), who uses a slowly roaming camera when necessary, but otherwise maintains a static, off-kilter frame, hinting at the dangers that lurk just beyond every corner. AFTERSCHOOL speaks volumes about the influence of the Internet and technology on our nation's impressionable youth.

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