What is interesting with this video game is it follows some aspects of the book that the movie doesn't. If you're familiar with the video game series, then you probably know that games one through three are very similar, while four sort of . . . stands alone. The sixth game is very much like the fifth game. Unlike the last two Harry Potter games, this one is a little bit easier to play and enjoy. In Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince game you collect silver Hogwarts crests. There are 150 in all, and they're sneaky little things. You also collect mini crests, and when you collect enough of those, they combine to make a whole crest. The best part - No Moaning Myrtle swooping in at you and being a creeper like in the last game. It's sort of more like wizard cards from the games of old.

harry potter,the half blood prince, video, game, cover, image, posterI'd recommend this game to pretty much anyone, but especially HP fans. It's a good game in it's own right, but the ability it affords you to explore Hogwarts is going to be a Potter fan's dream...and about as close as you'll come to getting into the world of HP until Universal opens The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida around 2010.

Make sure your PC system meets min requirements before buying. No less than 512 MB of RAM or more for Vista (256 MB min for XP), 1.8 Ghz or faster, 5 GB hard drive space, Direct X 9.0c or compatible video card.


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