Inkheart is a fantasy movie based on a very long novel of the same name “INKHEART” by Cornelia Funke, I loved the book, while the movie is not as intriguing as the book. It's fast pace and basically follows the general story line of the book and it is still a good entertaining family movie.

Mo Folchart (Fraser) and his daughter Meggie (Folchert) travel the world in search of the hard to find book "Inkheart". He is a silvertongue, and when Meggie was younger, Mo read from the book and brought the story to life. But, when something comes out of the story, something, or someone, must take its place. In this case, it was his wife, Resa (guillory). They are chased by two characters from the book, the evil Capricorn (Serkis), who wants to rule the real world, and Dustfinger (Bettany), who just wants to go home. With the help of Mo's Great Aunt Elinor (Mirren), they set out to find the author of the book (Broadbent) to set things right.

inkheart, movie, poster, film, reviewThe general premise of the story was present in the movie, and the special effects are well done. The casting and acting in Inkheart is very well done. Brendan Fraser, who I always enjoy, does a very nice job as Mo - concerned for his daughter, terrified of unleashing more evil into the world, desperate to find his wife. Helen Mirren is fantastic and funny as Aunt Elinor, the perfect avenger of her odd little family. The rest of the cast is very pleasant and believable, whether they are from the real world or snatched out of fiction. Eliza Bennett, who plays Meggie, is delightful and lovely, and Rafi Gavron, one of Ali Baba's Forty Thieves, is very nice to look at. Hopefully, since there are more books in the series, we might get to see them on the screen, too.


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