As the years pass by we see the same subject being tackled again and again. But because the story is itself a kind of fantasy tale, this usually brings me in for a review.

17 Again is a mixture of It's a Wonderful Life and Big plus every high school movie ever made. Mike O'Donnell gives up his chance for a scholarship, when he finds out his girlfriend, Scarlet is pregnant. 20 years later, Mike is going through a bad divorce, his kids don't respect him and is forced to stay at his nerdy friend, Ned's house. While visiting his old' school, a janitor asks Mike if he wishes he could go back and do it all over again. Mike tells him 'yes' and the next morning, he's 17 again! I thought it was hilarious when Zac Efron acts like a parent the whole time and tells teenagers to be abstinent. He helps his son get on the basketball team, his daughter is dumped by the school bully and tries to make out with him, and his wife is dating another man.

Overall, fun movie to watch. Could have been far better if the writers had bothered to script a better plot, but seems dumped down for the younger audience that would come to see Efron on film, this is clearly a starring vehicle for him, who is moderately charming and successful in the role.

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