Fight Night: Round 4 is a really fun game and a nice step for the series. It takes a little while to get used to the new feel of how the game is controlled and how it plays but it is great fun once you get used to it. This game is more of a step from an arcade style fighting to a more realistic style of boxing. It's a nice blend of simulation (figher styles, physical attributes, and so forth all make a difference, and you can feel it in the boxing) and arcade (controls are intuitive and easy, and the video game is entertaining without having to think too much about it if you don't want). The graphics are phenomenal. The effects, especially the replay camera and the slow-mo are very well done. The HUD is very good. I like the way that the fighter is broken down into the stamina, health and block histograms. It gives the player a good sense of his fighter's status. The gameplay is pretty decent. I do find the training to be a little bland; but you can simulate it if you like. The commentary is very well done as well. Good overall sounds effects give excellent realism to the game.

fight night round 4, image, ea, sports, boxing, video, game, muhammed ali, mike tysonOne of the first things I did was try my 'dream match' of Muhammed Ali against Iron Mike Tyson, I really got into the fight. The game play gives you the freedom to create your own combination of punches based on the strengths of your fighter. You can be winning a fight and suddenly let your guard down and get caught with a sold punch that turns the fight around.

Overall, I am very happy with the game. It is definitely a lot of fun and a blast to pit two fighters from entirely different eras against one another.


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