WonderKing is a persistent online RPG video game for PC, release date to be announced later. The game is developed and published by Ndoors.

Tha game takes players on a wildly adventurous and sometimes dangerous journey across the world of Windus.

A game designed for all ages, players will travel from beautiful beaches to murky marshlands and frigid snowfields as they take on the mantle of WonderKing to save the world. Possessing a deep character advancement system, WonerKing allows players to transcend into higher classes; each designed to suit different play styles.

WonderKing gameplay video

WonderKing, pc, screen, image, new, system, WonderKing game features:

Mission System - Players are taken on a story-by-story quest and progress in their journey similar to how a fantasy novel progresses.

Pet System - Offers players assistance with this Artificial Intelligence (AI) character that assists in hunting, collecting items and other small tasks.

Mini Games - Casual games, like puzzles, can be played to earn unexpected items.

Home Town System - This housing system allows each player to personally decorate a private room where they can take a rest and store things.

Class and Skill Change - Players can take on the role of the mage, swordsman, thief, or scout and grow their character’s ability, allowing them to change classes and gain powerful updated techniques.

Movement Devices - During game play, players can mount different vehicles or animals, which provide quick movement and powerful auxiliary equipment for both attack and defense.

Crafting System - Players can make better grade weapons by combining other materials.

Castle Battles - These PvP battles use siege warfare to conquer specific areas between guilds in the game.

Cooking System - Players can make food in the game to help with the recovery of Health Potion (HP) and Mana Potion (MP).



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