Lord of Ultima is a persistent online strategy video game for Web developed by EA Phenomic and published by Electronic Arts.

In the game, playable from a web browser, Lord of Ultima features in-depth strategic gameplay and multiple social features from an advanced trading system and alliance creation to online chat and forums. Set in the legendary Ultima universe, the game takes players to the new world of Caledonia, formed from the remains of Sosaria, which was shattered into countless islands and torn from its place in time. Players must master the art of diplomacy and trade as well as the military activities of spying, plundering, attacking and sieging enemy cities to succeed in the game.

Lord of Ultima game video

Lord of Ultima game features

Empire building for everyone - With best in class accessibility and features like a registration free trial and an interactive tutorial, Lord of Ultima ensures that everyone can find his or her way into Strategy MMO gaming.

A game accessible at any time, everywhere - Being a play4free browser game Lord of Ultima is accessible from everywhere at every time. No download or installation is needed and within the persistent world your orders are being carried out even after you log off - your city continues to grow and troops still march towards victory.

Lord of Ultima Game, image, screen, screenshots An unmatched depth of player involvement and strategic possibilities - While building and ruling your empire has never been so varied, there is plenty of other stuff to do in the world of Caledonia. A full quest-book is waiting for the player. Dungeons be looted for precious resources and bosses drop precious treasure after they have been defeated.

Unrivaled production values - With highest level of detail and best in class in-game graphics Lord of Ultima presents visually stunning, animated cities. For comfortable navigation, players can zoom into their city as well as explore the lands of Caledonia thanks to the region or world view.

Head-on competition and peaceful co-existence possible - Although player to player conflict is quite common in the world of Caledonia players do not need to engage in all out war by all means. Choosing a peaceful play-style focusing on trade and alliance diplomacy is an alternative way to enjoy the game with your friends.

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