Lionheart: Kings' Crusade is a real-time strategy video game for PC system, release date to be announced later. The game is developed by Neocore Games and published by Paradox Interactive.

The game places players between the years of 1189-1192, calling upon warriors to enter the heart of the battle in one of the most vicious wars of all time. Players will have the opportunity to take on this challenge as either Richard the Lionheart, set to invade and take back the treasured Holy Land once and for all, or as the great Saladin, who patiently waits and prepares his people for the oncoming invasion. 

Lionheart: Kings' Crusade invites players to rewrite history through controlling and upgrading leaders and their armies, guiding various historical factions through political events, collecting relics, and unlocking new content in a feature-rich campaign set to take on the strategy genre by force.

Lionheart: Kings' Crusade game video

Lionheart: Kings' Crusade, game, screen, image, screenshot, pc Lionheart: Kings' Crusade game features:

Play through two single-player campaigns - Crusader and Saracen

Oversee hundreds of soldiers in real-time epic battles

Command your forces, conquer territory, and expand your realm on a fully 3D map

Strategically manage your army between missions

Rewrite the past by playing as famous historical characters serving as the main heroes

System Requirements for Lionheart: Kings' Crusade

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