Just Dance is not for a true gamer but it is fun party game that the whole family can enjoy. I own a couple of exercise programs for the Wii (Fit Plus and My Fitness Coach). Although I love those programs, I hate the aerobic portions of them - boring and repetitious. Just Dance is a whole lot more fun as an aerobic workout for the middle-aged crowd.

There is a wide variety of songs to choose from for all tastes. There are different options of play and 1 to 4 people can dance. You can have the high scores saved and keep trying to improve. Depending on how much you put into it, you can also get a cardio workout while playing. You can select your own songs to dance to - everything from Mashed Potato to Eye of the Tiger to Hot and Cold or you can let the game suggest a song for you. I play Just Dance at least four times a week. I like the dance styles, and energy levels that the game provides, as I have made it apart of my workout.

Just Dance, game, wii, buy, amazon, aerobic workout There are some issues with the game not scoring moves equally. Sometimes you get a great score for a move and when you repeat the exact same thing, you get a zero. That wasn't really a big deal for me because I was having so much fun I didn't care what the score was. Just Dance is not going to be challenging for the people who have mastered Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). It's much easier, which is exactly what I needed - DDR is way too confusing with all the arrows - I can never keep up. So, overall, it's a thumbs up in my book. So, don't sit there, JUST DANCE

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