Unbound Saga is an action video game for Xbox and Sony PSP, release date to be announced later. The game is developed and published by Vogster Entertainment.

The game is a 3D side-scrolling brawler based on the comic book by Dark Horse Comics. The game is set in a satirical comic book universe, where enemies are drawn onto the screen and madcap battles travel from panel to panel through a twisted, post-apocalyptic landscape. Break off a weapon and rage off the page!

You are Rick Ajax or Lori Machete, two fighters with their own style and a unique set of skills. As you journey through the futuristic wastelands of Toxopolis in search of your nemesis, "The Maker", you will encounter a wide range of bizarre creatures, colorful characters, and brutal bosses, most of whom will try their best to prevent you from reaching your goal.

Unbound Saga game video

Unbound Saga, psp, xbox, game, box, art, screen, image, cover Unbound Saga game features:

Comic Come to Life: Climb through the panels and fight hand drawn enemies as you uncover the twisted comic book tale of Rick Ajax.

Tag Team Heroes: Strategically switch between two main characters, Rick Ajax and Lori

Machete, each with their own unique fighting styles and special unlockable skills.

Play in 2-player co-op through interactive comic book worlds.

Interactive Environments: Real-time physics allow you to smash anything in the room! If you can pick it up, you can use it as a weapon!

Character Advancement: Collect Experience Points and customize your Heroes' abilities with unique, unlockable Skills and Powers. The better you play, the more XP you earn, and the more cool moves you can unlock!


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