White Irish Drinkers is a drama film written and directed by John Gray and stars Karen Allen, Anthony Amorim, Zachary Booth, Daniel Carpenter, Jon Corry, Michael Drayer, Jonathan Dwyer, Vincent Ferro, Julia Giolzetti, Lizzy Grant, Matthew Harkins, Tabatha Joy, Stephen Lang, Frosty Lawso and Nicholas M. Marino.

Plot Summery: A coming of age story set in 1975 working-class Brooklyn, in which two teenage brothers living with their abusive father and their well-meaning but ineffective mother are caught up in a life of petty crime. Older brother Danny concocts a daring scheme to steal enough money for the two to escape, timed around the chaos of an upcoming Rolling Stones concert. The sensitive younger brother, Brian, ultimately has a choice: remain loyal to the brother with whom he shares a powerful love-hate bond, or use his hidden talent as an artist as his own ticket out of their dead-end existence.

White Irish Drinkers movie trailer

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  1. Allison Says,

    Cannot wait for this film to hit theaters! This film’s got a lot of heart. I heard Director John Gray used his own money to make this film happen, and I definitely respect him for that. I love guy movies, and I have a feeling White Irish Drinkers gonna be my new favorite…

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