Gamers Digital recently announced its upcoming new video game titled Zombii Attack for Nintendo WiiWare. The game is set for release in Q2 2011.

You are living in a Zombie infected city and are one of the few survivors of the zombie outbreak 7 months ago. Zombies are hiding in buildings and are posing a serious threat to the citizens and the entire mankind. With the help of fellow survivors you decide to fight this plague and free your city. Armed with state-of-the-art slingshot and some random items from the street you begin your slingshot quest for zombie annihilation.

Zombii Attack game features:

18 challenging levels, in 6 different environments.

Destroy all zombies before they reach and eat you!

Demolish the zombie hideouts, ammo, armor etc.

Launch tires, anvils, buzz bombs, etc. at zombies with the Wii remote with
realistic natural motions.

Grab an attacking zombies and shoot them at other zombies or the hideouts.

For more information please visit: Gamers Digital


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