Here is the complete track list for hard rock band Loaded’s upcoming third studio albumTHE TAKING”, set for release on April 19, 2011 via Eagle Rock Entertainment. A feature length film about the new album, as well as Loaded, by filmmaker and documentarian Jamie Burton Chamberlin is currently being filmed, with the album serving as the films soundtrack.

A new single from the album entitled "We Win" is being used by ESPN and Major League Baseball for their coverage of the American League Championship Series, NLC Series, and the World Series while a second single entitled "Fight On" was confirmed for the album. Loaded performed the two new songs at the Seattle Seahawks Veterans Day half time show in November 2011.

The Taking, new, album, loaded, new, ALBUM, cd, audio, cover Track listing:

1. "Lords of Abaddon"

2. "Executioner's Song"

3. "Dead Skin"

4. "We Win"

5. "Easier Lying"

6. "She's an Anchor"

7. "Wrecking Ball"

8. "King of the World"

9. "Cocaine"

10. "Your Name"

11. "Follow Me to Hell"

Live Loaded "Executioner's Song"

Live Loaded "We Win"

Loaded "Wrecking Ball"

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