Complete tracklisting for Within Temptation’s upcoming fifth studio album “THE UNFORGIVING”, set for release in the USA on March 29, 2011 via Roadrunner Records. It is a concept album, based upon a simultaneously released comic book with the same name, written by Steven O’Connell (BloodRayne & Dark 48) and illustrated by Romano Molenaar (Witchblade, Darkness & X-Men). The story also unfolds in three short films released prior to the album, the first of which - Mother Maiden was released in January 2011. The characters and stories are thus portrayed in three ways - by the artists in the comic book, by the band in the music, and by the actors in the films. The first single from the album titled Faster was released on January 21, 2011.

Complete track listing:

1. "Why Not Me"

2. "Shot In The Dark"

3. "In The Middle Of The Night"

4. "Faster"

The Unforgiving, Within Temptation, cd, audio, new, album 5. "Fire And Ice"

6. "Iron"

7. "Where Is The Edge"

8. "Sinéad"

9. "Lost"

10. "Murder"

11. "A Demon’s Fate"

12. "Stairway To The Skies"

Polish Bonus Track

13. "Utopia"

Japanese Bonus Tracks

13. "I Don’t Wanna"

14. "Empty Eyes"

iTunes Bonus Tracks

13. "I Don’t Wanna"

14. "The Last Dance"

15. "Empty Eyes"

DVD Tracklisting

1. "Mother Maiden (Short Film)"

2. "Faster (Music Video)"

3. "Sinéad (Short Film)"

4. "Sinéad (Music Video)"

5. "Triplets (Short Film)"

6. "Shot In The Dark (Music Video)"

7. "The Making Of "The Unforgiving""

8. "Where Is The Edge (Promo Video)"

9. "Utopia (feat. Chris Jones) (Music Video)"

10. "The Unforgiving: The Prequel Comic"

11. "Credits"

12. "Facebook Names"

The Unforgiving preview

Within Temptation "Shot In The Dark"

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