The Decoy Bride is a comedy film directed by Sheree Folkson. The film release date to be announced later.

Complete cast: Alice Eve as Lara Tyler, Kelly Macdonald as Katie Nic Aodh, David Tennant as James Aubrey, Michael Urie as Steve Korbitz, Federico Castelluccio as Marco Ballani, Samuel Roukin as Paparazzi, Gil Kolirin as Security guard, Patrick Regis as Hollywood Minister, Maureen Beattie as Iseabail Nic Aodh, Alex Childs as Tv Host, Mike Burnie as Paparazzi, Ken Matthews as Islander, Ben Addis as Journalist One, Achara Kirk as Tourist One, Leo Horsfield as Paparazzi, Matthew Chalmers as Callum and Joseph Andrew Mclean as Journalist.

Plot Summery (synopsis): Lara Tyler plays as Alice Eve, one of the most famous film stars around, but all she wants to do is marry her fiance, writer James Aubrey. Besieged by paparazzi, especially Marco Ballani, who is obsessed with Lara, they escape to the tiny Scottish island of Hegg to try to wed in peace.

However, when the paparazzi tracks them down, and with the locals smelling a payday, Lara becomes upset and runs away. In desperation her management team, led by Steve Korbitz, decide to stage a fake wedding, hoping the paparazzi will fall for the scam and leave the island. Local girl Katie, who is nursing a broken heart, is recruited to pretend to be Lara. But is James really sure Lara is his true love.

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