Here is the complete track listing for the Katy B’s upcoming debut album On a Mission, set for release in the UK on April 04, 2011 via Rinse / Columbia Records. Lead single titled “Katy On a Mission" was released in August 2010 through Rinse FM, where it debuted on the UK Singles Chart at number 5. "Perfect Stranger", a collaborative single between Katy and trio Magnetic Man also saw release; having been released through Columbia Records on 3 October 2010; where it debuted in the UK at number 16. "Lights On" was released as the album's second single on 19 December 2010 through Columbia Records, where it debuted in the UK at number 4.

Complete track listing:

1. "Power on Me"

2. "Katy On a Mission"

3. "Why You Always Here"

4. "Witches Brew"

5. "Movement"

6. "Go Away"

7. "Disappear"

8. "Broken Record"

9. "Lights On"" (feat. Ms. Dynamite)

10. "Easy Please Me"

11. "Perfect Stranger" (with. Magnetic Man)

12. "Hard to Get"

Music Video Katy B - "Katy On a Mission"

Katy B - "Broken Record"


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