Here is the complete track listing for The Haunted’s upcoming seventh album UNSEEN, set for release in the USA on March 29, 2011 via Century Media Records.

Complete track listing:

1. "Never Better"

2. "No Ghost"

3. "Catch 22"

4. "Disappear"

5. "Motionless"

6. "Unseen"

7. "The Skull"

8. "Ocean Park"

9. "The City"

10. "Them"

11. "All Ends Well"

12. "Done"

The Haunted, Unseen, new, album, cd, audio, songs, track, list Limited Edition Bonus Tracks:

13. "Attention"

14. "The Reflection (Live)"

15. "The Fallout (Live)"

Japan Only

13. "Attention"

14. "Just Asking"

15. "The Reflection (Live)"

16. "The Fallout (Live)"

The Haunted "No Ghost"

The Haunted - Teaser

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