I am a sucker for psychological thrillers but prefer to watch them in the comfort of my home where I can jump and scream in peace so I waited for the DVD release. I loved the first movie and I loved the second! Paranormal Activity 2. These two films rely on psychological terror to scare the viewer, and they succeed very well. There is a definite terror build-up as the movie goes along, and each time a video camera sequence appears, one can be sure that something scary is going to happen. I thought part 2 started out a little slow, but as it went along, it definitely gets much scarier.

PA 2 takes place about two months before the beginning of Paranormal Activity. A year after bringing newborn son Hunter home, Kristi and family experience a break-in, prompting them to install security cameras all over the house. As increasingly bizarre events continue to occur around the house, Kristi's stepdaughter Ali grows curious about what's happening, while Kristi looks back to similar instances that occurred during her and Katie's childhood.

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Overall, if you liked the first installment, I recommend you see this installment if you have yet to. The development of the storyline and the way they end this movie all ties into the first movie and sets the stage for the third installment in a manner that I'm looking forward to seeing the continuation/conclusion of.

Is Paranormal Activity 3 in the works? I hope so.



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