2Bit is a puzzle video game developed and published by Industrial Brothers for Apple iPhone. In 2Bit, your aim is to successfully navigate your way through The Grid while avoiding a series of shooting turrets, trip wires, hydraulic plugs, screwblades and much, much more!

Your 2Bit can only move forwards and backwards but the challenges become more numerous and more frequent as you negotiate a series of ever more challenging obstacles. It's simple to play, hard to master and extremely addictive. 

2Bit game features:

•2 initial Grids each one with 10 levels of puzzles to negotiate. That's 20 Levels in total to start.

•Select between 2D or 3D views.

•Personal High Scores and Global Leaderboard.

•Original retro-themed sound effects and music.

•Online Registration.

•Additional Grids and Levels to be released over the next few weeks at no extra

2Bit game video

2Bit, iphone, game


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