Detention is an upcoming comedy film written and directed by Joseph Kahn, release date to be announced later.

Complete cast: Jesse Heiman as Nerd, Josh Hutcherson as Clapton Davis, Dane Cook as Principal Verge, Spencer Locke as Ione, Parker Bagley as Billy Nolan, Richard Brake as Mr. Nolan, Walter Perez as Elliot Fink, Shanley Caswell as Riley Jones, Kate Kelton as Madison, Erica Shaffer as Sloan, James Black as Mr.Cooper, Jessica Lee as Cheerleader #1, Melanie Abramoff as Lollapalooza, Will Wallace as Doug Jones, Michael Esparza as Pedro, Aaron Perilo as Actor, Brian Guest, Jan Anderson as Ms. Macintire, Carrie Wiita as Cinderhella, Arthur Darbinyan as Dr. Murdock, Alison Woods, Matthew Albrecht as Greg- male delinquent, Aaron Albert as Young Verge, Patrick Babbitt as Uber Nerd, Aaron David Johnson as Sander Sanderson, Marque Richardson II as Tobe T, Julie Dolan as Taylor's Mom, Tammy Minoff as Wendy, Ryan Heinke as Dork, Allison Paige as Female Student, Kristine Caluya as Bikini Waxer, Joseph Keane as Metro boy, Yves Bright as Mr. Kendall, Brennan Murray as Nerd, Skye P. Marshall as News Reporter, Annie Hsu as Party patron, Lindsey Morgan as Alexis Spencer, Joel Harold as Jerffery Male Cheerleading, Westley Nguyen as Cameraman, Nicolo Dorian as Sophomore Chump, Jonathan Park as Toshiba, Javier Montoya as Football player, Danae McKillop as Tall Blonde Football Mom, Jay Brian Winnick as Principal Woodruff, Nicole Stanford as Student, Tiffany Boone as Mimi, Mickey Jury as Punk, Tyler Sean Palmer as Burn Out, Josh Breeding as Thief, Adam Waller as Bass Guitarist, Eliot Bitting as Young Billy Nolan, Daniel Blake as Football Player, Life Garland as Angry Black Guy, Ilana Cohn as Officer Marge McNally, Pierangelo Buonamici as Reject, Matthew Jordan as Football Fan, Alex Rouch as The High Five Kid, Harry Anthony Shelley as Officer Randy Randazzo, Ruben Colunga as Student, Timothy Snopkowski as Student, Richie McCord as Student, Adam Aarons as School Kid, Haref Topete as Football player.

Detention Plot Summery: Riley Jones, a hopelessly depressed and outcasted senior with no prom date tries to survive Grizzly Lake High School.


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