Here is the full Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to upcoming film Battle: Los Angeles. The soundtrack album is planned to be released on March 8, 2011. All music composed by Brian Tyler.

Complete soundtrack:

1. "Battle Los Angeles Hymn"

2. "Battle Los Angeles Main Titles"

3. "Arrival"

4. "Marines Don’t Quit"

5. "Command and Control Center"

6. "Elegy"

Soundtrack, Battle, Los Angeles, movie, cover 7. "Redemption"

8. "For Home, Country, and Family"

9. "War Hymn"

10. "Evac"

11. "To Hell and Back"

12. "Mobilized"

13. "The Freeway"

14. "The Drone"

15. "Casualty of War"

16. "Rebalance"

17. "Regret"

18. "Shelf Life"

19. "The World is at War"

20. "Abandoning Los Angeles"

21. "Battle Los Angeles"

22. "We are Still Here"

"Marines Don’t Quit"

"The Drone"

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