Here is the complete track listing for Asking Alexandria’s second studio album Reckless and Relentless, set for release on April 5, 2011 via Sumerian Records. The first official single from the album titled "Morte et Dabo" was released on February 15, 2011 as announced beforehand by the band on Twitter and Facebook.

Complete track listing:

1. "Breathless"

2. "The Match"

3. "Morte et Dabo"

4. "Someone, Somewhere"

5. "Another Bottle Down"

Reckless and Relentless, Asking Alexandria, cd, new, album 6. "Dear, Insanity"

7. "To the Stage"

8. "Dedication"

9. "A Lesson Never Learned"

10. "Reckless and Relentless"

11. "Make You Scream"

12. "Welcome"

13. "Closure"

Live Asking Alexandria "Breathless"

Asking Alexandria - "Morte et Dabo"


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