Here is the complete track list (songs) for Patrick Wolf’s upcoming fifth studio album Lupercalia, set for release in March 2011 on Hideout, a subsidiary of Mercury Records. A preview of The Bachelor was released on the Bandstocks website, and later featured on Wolf's MySpace page, entitled "Battle Megamix". The megamix featured two songs not found on The Bachelor (Time of My Life and Together), which now appear on the new album.

Track listing:

1. "The City"

2. "House"

3. "Bermondsey Street"

4. "The Future"

5. "Armistice"

6. "William"

7. "Time of My Life"

8. "The Days"

9. "Slow Motion"

10. "Together"

11. "The Falcons"

Live Patrick Wolf - "Bermondsey Street"

Music video - Patrick Wolf "Time of My Life"

Music video - Patrick Wolf "The City"


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