Days of Thunder: Arcade is a racing video game for Xbox 360, release date to be announced later. The game is developed by Piranha Games and published by Paramount Digital Entertainment. In the game, teams players with Rowdy Burns as the latest recruit to hit the high-octane racing circuit. With Rowdy as their coach, players will learn to drop the hammer, hit the pit and trade paint with other cars. Rowdy Burns is voiced by Michael Rooker, known for his roles in "Mallrats," "Eight Men Out," "Cliffhanger," and of course, "Days of Thunder." As players advance, they'll compete against the characters from the film, each with AI designed to match their driving style and personality seen in the film.

Players will need to watch for Cole Trickle's reckless, aggressive driving, Rowdy Burns' ruthless, veteran skills and Russ Wheeler's hot head. To steer clear of otherwise unavoidable crashes, gamers can take advantage of the focus feature, which temporarily puts surroundings into slow-motion. The adrenaline soon kicks back into gear as players drop the hammer by drafting behind other cars and whipping past them to get an extra burst of speed.

Days of Thunder: Arcade gameplay video

Days of Thunder: Arcade features road tracks for both single and multiplayer challenges. Road tracks allow players to race outside the speedway for an added challenge and variation in turning and car control. Up to twelve players can race online, pushing the limits to log the fastest times on the leader boards. There are four different modes - Quick Race, Time Trial, Career, with circuits of varying difficulty, and Derby Mode, where players are encouraged to deal as much damage as they can.


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