Here is the complete track list for the Crystal Stiltsupcoming second studio album IN LOVE WITH OBLIVION, set for release on April 11, 2011 via Slumberland Records in the USA and Fortuna POP! In the UK. The new album will act as the follow-up to 2010's "Shake the Shackles" 7-inch and 2008's debut Alight of Night.

Complete track list:

1."Sycamore Tree"

2."Through the Floor"

3."Silver Sun"

4."Alien Rivers"

Crystal Stilts, In Love with Oblivion, cd, audio, new, album5."Half a Moon"

6."Flying Into the Sun"

7."Shake the Shackles"

8."Precarious Stair"

9."Invisible City"

10."Blood Barons"

11."Prometheus At Large"

Crystal Stilts - "Sycamore Tree"

Live - Crystal Stilts "Through the Floor"


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