Asphalt 3D is a racing video game developed by Gameloft and published by Ubisoft for Nintendo 3DS, set for release on March 22, 2011. The renowned racing franchise returns with higher-quality graphics than ever and for the first time 3D features that create the most realistic, immersive racing experience yet. In the game, you'll power a wide range of high-performance cars and race through 17 exotic locations with the 3DS' accelerometer. Experience surging down the road as you swerve to avoid oncoming traffic in full 3D. Uncover new racing circuits and vehicles, customize your hot rod, and play against up to 6 friends using the Local Play feature of the Nintendo 3DS system.

Enable StreetPass by sending and receiving game data to see how you compare with your friends and just about everyone else who plays the game. Race against the viral ghost of top-ranked players to reach the top of the charts and earn in-game cash. Asphalt 3D is racing as you've never experienced before!

Asphalt 3D game features:

•Rich, stereoscopic 3D graphics for the races and even the menus. Enjoy gameplay designed to take full advantage of the 3D screen as you weave between cars, drift inches from the curb and navigate menus that come right out of the screen.

•Get behind the wheel of over 40 vehicles (cars and motorcycles) from prestigious manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Ducati.

•Engage in a variety of high-speed challenges and micro challenges beyond your normal race: cash attack, vigilante, high-speed chase, drift, time trial, duel and leader of the pack.

•Race in 17 exciting destinations including Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Madrid, Cape Town, and Berlin, with varied track surfaces, shortcuts and spectacular jumps.

•Up to 6 players can challenge each other in local wireless mode.

•Complete StreetPass features like Viral Ghost, Rankings, and StreetPass PayTable

•Comprehensive tuning options to achieve peak performance for your vehicle.

•Use the replay feature to relive all those hair-raising moments you just experienced in your last race.

Asphalt 3D game video

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