Here is the complete track listing (songs) for Colbie Caillat’s upcoming studio album All of You, set for release on May 03, 2011 via Universal Republic.

1. "What If"

2. "Before I Let You Go"

3. "Shadow"

4. "Make It Rain"

5. "I Do"

All of You, cd, cover, new, album

6. "What Means the Most"

7. "Dream Life Life"

8. "Happier"

9. "All Of You"

10. "Like Yesterday"

11. "Brighter Than the Sun"

12. "Favorite Song" (featuring Common)

13. "Stereo"

14. "Think Good Thoughts"

Colbie Caillat "I Do"

Colbie Caillat "Before I Let You Go"


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