The most common challenge Xbox 360 game consoles suffer is that of three red lights flashing (E74) error due to overheating. The main reason Xbox 360 game systems overheat is because they do not possess sufficient air flow and ventilation. This problem is made worse by the fact that many gamers store their game units inside entertainment centers. This type of storage further increases the tendency for the Xbox to overheat as it is further cut off from proper air flow.A great way to troubleshoot your Xbox 360 overheating problem is to actually do it yourself, here are some tips that may fix your Xbox 360 overheating problem:

xbox 360, red light, e74, image1. Restart your console.

2. Take out all the AV cables, and unplug the power cable from the wall socket. When that's done, re-plug every cable back in properly. Once that's done, restart your console.

3. If that didn't work? Try to do this. Take out the hard-drive put your console on. If the Xbox 360 E74 error is no more, put your console off, and put the hard-drive back in. Then restart it.

If these tips didn't fix your Xbox 360 overheating problems, then you've got to open up your console.

Here is a video shows you how to open and fix your Xbox 360 game console.



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